Friday, May 18th

08:30-09:00 am

Delivery of documentation.

09:00-09:15 am


09:15-10:00 am

Symposium 1. How to manage sleep disturbances in HIV.

Moderators: Jordi Blanch and Esteban Martínez
Joan Santamaria.

10:00-10:45 am

Symposium 2. Cannabis use and HIV.

Moderators: Scott Letendre and José A. Muñoz-Moreno
David J. Grelotti.

10:45-11:30 am

Coffee Break & Poster Session 1

11:30-11:50 am

Forward thinking-managing CNS disorders in HIV. 

Moderators: Jordi Blanch and Esteban Martínez
Glenn Treisman.

11:50-01:00 pm

Oral Communications. Session 1

Moderators: José A. Muñoz-Moreno and Milton Wainberg

1.1 – HCV coinfection as a risk-marker of non-adherence to ART. Carlos Parro Torres.

1.2 – Who Will Be Lost? A Psychosocial Review on  Loss to Follow-Up in People with HIV. Pere Torres-Bertral.

1.3 – The role of attention in antiretroviral therapy adherence. Daniel Hernández-Huerta

1.4 – “Erantsi” A guide  for  therapeutic  support to HIV positive persons living with other associated  morbidities. Carmen Vicioso

1.5 – Dolutegravir induced neurotoxicity. Beatriz Maria Sanjuan

1.6 – Descriptive study of admitted patients with HIV infection in an Acute Psychiatric Unit. Antonio Soudo Ventura. 

01:00-02:00 pm


02:00-02:45 pm

Symposium 3. Psychotropic medications, recreational drugs and antiretrovirals.

Moderators: Ignacio Pérez-Valero and Alan Winston
Catia Marzolini.

02:45-05:30 pm

Workshops. Session without simultaneous translation
1. Neurocognitive impairment:

– Scope of the problem. Gabriele Arendt.
– Screening. Ignacio. Perez-Valero.
– Diagnosis. Alejandro Arenas-Pinto.
– Prevention. Paola Cinque.
– Treatment. Alan Winston.

2. Neuropsiquiatric disorders in HIV:

– Scope of the problem. Milton Wainberg.
– Screening of Neurocognitive Disorders. José Muñoz-Moreno.
– Diagnosis. Annemiek Shadé.
– Treatment. Guida Da Ponte.

Presentation of 15 min. for each topic and 15 minutes of discussion with questions about screening, diagnostic, prevention and treatment.

Saturday, May 19th

09:00-09:45 am

Symposium 4. Cost-effective comprehensive mental health care
for people with HIV.

Moderators: Guida da Ponte and David. J. Grelotti
Milton Wainberg.

09:45:10:30 am

Symposium 5 Neurotoxicity of antiretrovirals.

Moderators: Alejandro Arenas-Pinto and Claudia Cinque
Andrea Calcagno.

10:30-11:15 am

Coffee Break & Poster Session 2

11:15-12:30 pm

Oral Communications. Session 2

Moderators: Annemiek Schadé and Andrea Calcagno

2.1 – Correlates of Cerebral White Matter Hyperintensities in HIV-positive Patients. Giacomo Stroffolini.

2.2 – Potential Benefits for the Brain as a Result of the Use of  Kick&Kill Strategies: The Other Side of the Coin?. José A. Muñoz-Moreno

2.3 – The Prevalence of Cerebrospinal Fluid HIV Escape Varies According to Different Definitions and Underlying Comorbidities. Ilaria De Benedetto.

2.4 – Impact of HIV severity on neurocognitive profile in perinatally HIV-infected young adults. Cristina García-Navarro.

2.5 – Compensatory brain activity in well controlled vertical HIV young adults. Carlos Velo

2.6 – Antineuronal antibodies and neuropsychiatric symptoms in VIH infection. Susana Arboleya

12:30-01:30 pm

Symposium 6. Hot topics on CNS and HIV.

Moderators: Jordi Blanch and Esteban Martínez
Scott Letendre. 

01:30-01:45 pm

Closure and Farewell

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