Friday, May 31 - State of the art

09:15-09:30 am CEST

Welcome and presentation
Chairs: Esteban Martínez & Jordi Blanch

09:30-10:15 am CEST

Neuropathogenesis of HIV
Scott Letendre & Paola Cinque

10:15-11:00 am CEST

Antiretroviral neuropsychiatric toxicities
Andrea Calcagno & Ignacio Pérez Valero

11:00-11:30 am CEST

Coffee Break

11:30-12:15 pm CEST

Personality disorders
Annemiek Schadé & Guida Da Ponte

12:15-01:00 pm CEST

Alcohol use
Ramón Bataller & Jordi Blanch

01:00-02::00 pm CEST

Lunch break

02:00-02:45 pm CEST

Alan Winston & Catia Marzolini 

02:45-03:30 pm CEST

Anna Prats & José Muñoz-Moreno

03:30-04:00 pm CEST

Coffee Break

04:00-05:00 pm CEST

Plenary Lecture: Sleep disorders in people living with HIV
Chair: Scott Letendre
Malcolm von Schantz

Saturday, June 1 - Advanced Update

09:30-11:00 am CEST

Neuroinflammation (review + last research)
Chair: Jordi Blanch

  • Analysis of extracellular vesicles in PLWH and their role in the immune activation: association with HIV reservoir in the brain and neurocognitive impairment.
    Sara Bachiller
  • RTP801 mediates cognitive impairment and inflammation.
    Cristina Malagelada & Pol García-Segura

Discussants: Jaime Vera & José Ramón Blanco

11:00-11:30 am CEST

Coffee Break

11:30-01:00 pm CEST

Stigma and discrimination (review + last research)
Chair: Esteban Martínez

  • Group Support Psychotherapy for HIV-Related Depression: The Mediating Role of Stigma Reduction
    Etheldreda Nakimuli-Mpungu
  • Understanding the Psychosocial and Psychodynamic Antecedents of Stigma in HIV Psychiatry
    Cesar A. Alfonso
  • HIV-related Stigma in the Healthcare Setting
    Teymur Noori

Discussants: María José Fuster & Ben Collins

01:00-01:30 pm CEST

Closure and farewell