It gives us great pleasure to present the 13th International Simposium on Neuropsychiatry & VIH we’ll hold in Barcelona from 30th to 31th of October 2020. No one doubts HIV patients have greater risks suffering psychiatric troubles owing to different facts: their base personality that caused the infection, the HIV effect and the antiretroviral treatment on the nervous central system, the associated problems to psychotropic drugs consumption, the stigma and the taboo for being infected and the physiognomy changes caused by the lipodystrophy.

This Symposium is aimed at those health professionals who have healthcare or scientific interest in promoting health neuropsychological of the HIV-infected patients. It has an eminently practical character designed to the detection and management of the more frequent problems such as depression or neurocognitive deterioration, the knowledge of the neuropsychological effects of the antiretrovirals and adverse effects of psycho medicines and the consideration of the more outstanding interactions between both groups of medicines.

The oral presentations and posters that along with the lectures will help to consolidate the Symposium as a discussion forum about the latest researches on central nervous system aspects affected by HIV.

It is possible learning some very useful basic notions in daily clinic without more efforts or more time. Investing in one workday can mean a better attention for those seropositive patients. We are backed by the preceding editions, the majority opinion of our attendants and a wish of doing the things well.

We hope we can count on your attendance and active participation. We’ll be very thankful to you if you share this information with all of those who can be interested in it.

See you in Barcelona from 30th to 31th of October 2020. 

Until then!

Jordi Blanch y Esteban Martínez


Barcelona School of Management. Balmes, 132-134. 08008-Barcelona.