10th Symposium

Neurological soft signs in HIV associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND): an easy clinical examination for screening and early recognition.

Johannes Schröder, Ph. D.

Section of Geriatric Psychiatry. University of Heidelberg. Germany.

Professional Preparation and Appointments:

  • Since 2011: Professor for Geriatric Psychiatry and Clinical Gerontology
  • 2004 – coopted into the Faculty of Behavioral and Cultural Studies
  • 2005 – deputy chairman of the Ethical committee, University of Heidelberg
  • 1997 – nominated as a Professor for Clinical Psychiatry and vice director of the department, University of Heidelberg; accepted in 20002
  • 1998 – nominated as a Professor for Clinical Psychiatry, University of Hamburg; rejected
  • 1998 – appointed as member of the Ethical committee, University of Heidelberg
  • 1995 – Board membership for Geriatric Medicine;
    Habilitation on “Subsyndromes of chronic schizophrenia”
  • 1994 – Consultant (Oberarzt)
  • 1993 – Board membership (Facharzt) for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
  • 1992 – Neuroscience PET-Laboratory, University of California/Irvine (Prof. Dr. M.S. Buchsbaum)
  • 1985-1994 – Resident: Depts. of Neurology and Psychiatry, University of Bochum; Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Heidelberg
  • 1985 – Medical doctoral thesis (Dr. med.), University of Bochum

Current Projects in Germany: Risk and protective factors for cognitive impairment and dementia in old age. 4th measurement point of the “Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Study of Adulthood” (ILSE) Dietmar-Hopp Stiftung; Health, quality of life and medical care of nursing home residents – an intervention study – Ministry of Social Affairs Baden Württemberg; Impact of Nutritional Lipids on Neuronal and Cognitive Performance in Aging, Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular Dementia – EU: FP7-COOPERATION-KBBE; Communication and decision-making capacity among persons with dementia (development of en-hanced consent procedures) (EmMa) –VolkswagenStifung.

President, Board Member: 2013-2015 President, International Society for Neuroimaging in Psychiatry (ISNIP); 2015 – 2018 past president

Editorial board membership: Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie, Polish Journal for Old Age Psychiatry, Psychiatry Research Neuroimaging, Current Psychopharmacology, Neurology, Psychiatry & Brain Research

As of 8/2016 about 224 publications in peer reviewed journals

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