2nd Symposium

HIV and Central Nervous System: nerucognitive aspects

Gabriele Arendt, M.D.

Department Neurology, University Hospital of Duesseldorf, Germany

Gabriele Arendt, MD, is associate Professor in Neurology, University Hospital of Duesseldorf, Germany. Since 1987, she chairs the Neuro-AIDS out-patient department of the hospital with about 1100 patients/year. The Duesseldorf HIV cohort comprises by now almost 5000 patients. She acquired her medical and scientific degrees in the University of Duesseldorf, then specialised on psychiatry and later on neurology and neurophysiology. Her scientific interest focuses on motor abnormalities in HIV-positive patients, disturbances of the dopaminergic pathways in these patients and on the significance of cytokines for the neuropathogenesis of HIV-associated dementia.

She is in the editorial boards of the Journal of NeuroVirology, the Journal of NeuroAIDS and of Neurobehavioral HIV Medicine, an open access journal. She is a member of the German Aids Society. She has written more than 150 papers, HIV/AIDS chapters in most of the German standard textbooks and three books. She has designed and conducted many national multicenter studies and participated in international studies.

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