6th Symposium

Oral Communications. Session 2
Oral Communications


Idil Kore, M.D.

Yale University School of Medicine. New Haven, USA

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Neuropsychological performance in acute HIV: determinants of baseline performance and effects of immediate antiretroviral therapy

Mark Nelson, M.D.

HIV and Sexual Health, Kobler Clinic. London, United Kingdom.

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Switch from Efavirenz for CNS toxicity-UK experience.

Daniel Podzamczer, M.D.

HIV and STI Unit, Infectious Diseases Service, Bellvitge University Hospital–IDIBELL. Barcelona, Spain.

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Comparative Neuropsychiatric Profile of Dolutegravir and Efavirenz after 48w in treatment naïve patients: Data from ING114467 SINGLE study.

Juan V. Esplugues, M.D.

Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Valencia-CIBERehd; FISABIO-Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset, Valencia, Spain

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A differential bioenergetic effect in human glia and neurons under treatment with the antiretroviral drug Efavirenz.