12th Symposium

Oral Communications. Session 1.
Oral Communications


Olivia Zaegel-Faucher, M.D.

Aix-Marseille University, APHM-Sainte Marguerite Hospital, Immunohematology Clinical, Unit/HIV Clinical Center. Marseille, France

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Relevance of the QPC Cognitive complaints questionnaire as a guiding tool in the screening strategy for HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders.

Alessandro Lazaro, M.D.

Unit of Infectious Diseases. Amedeo di Savoia Hospital. Department of Medical Sciences, University of Torino, Italy.

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Resting EEG-LORETA and CSF Biomarkers in Patients with HAND.

Andrea Calcagno, M.D., DTM&H

University of Torino, Italy

He is temporary Assistant Professor at the University of Torino (Department of Medical Sciences, Infectious Diseases). Infectious Diseases Specialist (University of Torino, Italy); Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand). He is member of the Panel of the Italian Guidelines on the Use of Antiretrovirals and Management of patients living with HIV.

He has experience as a Clinicians in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine (Sudan, Thailand, Burundi); several phase II, III and IV studies in antiretroviral treatment trials.

His main field of interest is the clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenetics of anti-infective agents (antiretroviral, antibiotic, antifungals) and the central nervous system complication of HIV-infection.

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Exploring the Association Between the Route of HIV Acquisition and the Different Patterns of Neurocognitive Impairment.

Jose A. Muñoz-Moreno, Ph.D.

Lluita contra les Infeccions Foundation, Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital. Barcelona, Spain

Jose A. Muñoz-Moreno is a clinician and researcher at the Lluita contra les Infeccions Foundation, located in the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). He earned the Ph.D. degree in Neurosciences in 2012 (Cum Laude), and currently he is also a collaborating professor with the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

Muñoz-Moreno is involved in projects that address psychology and the human behaviour associated with HIV infection. In terms of study, he mostly investigates the neurocognitive features of HIV infection, the impact of HIV and antiretroviral treatments on quality of life and emotional status, and adherence to antiretroviral therapy.

Muñoz-Moreno’s recent work particularly focuses on assessment methods to detect HIV-related neurocognitive changes and the current profile of neurocognitive impairment in people living with HIV infection.

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Remarkable Accuracy of the NEU Screen Detecting Cognitive Impairment in Aging People Living with HIV/AIDS.

Cesare Bolla, M.D.

Division of Infectious Diseases, Civil Hospital S.S. Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo, Alessandria, Italy

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A Example of comprehensive neurocognitive assessment in a HIV population in Northern Italy.

Jasmini Alagaratnam, Ph.D.

St Mary’s Hospital Paddington. London. United Kingdom.

Dr Jasmini Alagaratnam is a clinical research fellow at Imperial College London and a specialty trainee in GU and HIV Medicine, at St Mary’s Hospital, London. She is undertaking a PhD; the overarching theme of her PhD thesis is investigating neuronal activation in the central nervous system in the context of HIV, using biomarkers (blood and cerebrospinal fluid), and imaging (MRI and PET-CT). Her other areas of clinical and research interests include HIV reservoir and eradication strategies, the management of indeterminate HIV test results in the context of PrEP/PEP and HIV in pregnancy.

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No evidence of neuro-axonal injury following latency reversal with vorinostat and HIV-specific vaccination in the RIVER trial.