12th Symposium

14/15 June 2019

Practical focus on the diagnosis and treatment of the psychiatric and neuropsychological aspects of HIV-infected patients.

Sanne Van Luenen, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology Department of Leiden University. the Netherlands

Living positive: The effectiveness and implementation of a guided online intervention for people with HIV and depressive symptoms

Reuben Robbins, M.D.

Department Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology. Columbia University. New York, USA.

A mobile app to screen for neurocognitive impairment HIV

Fiona Lampe, Ph.D.

Research Department of Infection and Population Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics. University College. London, United Kingdom.

Prevalence of mental health problems among people living with HIV.

Scott Letendre, M.D.

University of California. San Diego, USA

Hot topics on CNS and HIV.

Francesc Artigas, M.D.

Department of Neurochemistry and Neuropoharmacology. Insitut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques de Barcelona. Spain.

Biological fundamentals of neuropsychiatric disorders: delirium.

Case Studies

Substance use

Neurocognitive diagnostic methods

Oral Communications. Session 1.

Oral Communications. Session 2.