14th Symposium

Unexplained physical symptoms and functional complaints

Judith Rosmalen, M.D.

Departments of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine. University Medical Center Groningen. Netherlands.

Prof. Dr. J. (Judith) G.M. Rosmalen is appointed as a professor in psychosomatic medicine at the departments of Psychiatry and Internal medicine of the University Medical Center Groningen. She studied medical biology (University of Utrecht 1995) and psychology (University of Leiden 1998, cum laude), and obtained her PhD on interactions between immune and endocrine system (Erasmus University Rotterdam 2000). Her multidisciplinary research focusses on interactions between biomedical and psychosocial aspects of health problems, with a focus on medically unexplained symptoms. She is project leader of the consortium developing the online expert system Grip. This system provides an innovative personalised treatment for medically unexplained symptoms. She is the chair of the Dutch national network on medically unexplained symptoms.

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