14th Symposium

21/22/23 September 2021

Practical focus on the diagnosis and treatment of the psychiatric and neuropsychological aspects of HIV-infected patients.

Catia Marzolini, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Research Group Leader Pharmacological HIV research. Department Infectiology & Hospital Hygiene. University Hospital Basel. Switzerland


Adverse CNS effectsof ART and non-ART drugs

Luis F. Pereira, M.D.

Division of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. Columbia University Irving Medical Center. New York, USA.

Psychiatric treatment of HIV-positive people

Mark Pakianathan, M.D.

Sexual Health & HIV Medicine. Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. London, United Kingdom.

Substance use among men who have sex with men

Esteban Martínez Chamorro, M.D.

Infectious Diseases Unit. Hospital U. Clinic. Barcelona, Spain

Summary session: The effects of drugs on CNS

Judith Rosmalen, M.D.

Departments of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine. University Medical Center Groningen. Netherlands.

Unexplained physical symptoms and functional complaints

Ken Kunisaki, M.D.

Medical School, University of Minnesota and Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System. Minneapolis, USA.

Insomnia and other sleep disorders in PLWH

Milton Wainberg, M.D.

Columbia University. New York, USA

Depression and anxiety in people living with HIV

Jordi Blanch, M.D.

Psychiatry Unit. Hospital U. Clínic. Barcelona, Spain.

Summary Session: The management of neuropsychiatric symptoms

Cynthia Monaco, M.D., Ph.D.

Division of Infectious Diseases. University of Rochester Medical Center. USA.

The enteric microbiome and neurocognitive Impairment in PLWH.

Sarah Joseph, M.D.

Department of Microbiology & Immunology. University North Carolina. Chapel Hill, USA.

CNS HIV reservoir and mental health in PLWH

Dr. Lucile Capuron

INRAE. University of Bordeaux. France

Role of inflammation in the development of neuropsychiatric symptoms.

Scott Letendre, M.D.

University of California. San Diego, USA

Summary Session: The factors influencing neurocognitive impairment